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Wednesday, June 01 2011

Use Promotions

Make sure people get something in return for liking your website with a promotion offer that they can easily redeem.  The more lucrative the offer is, the more sharing will happen between Facebook friends.  Fans of your site will want exclusive products, discounted prices, or to be notified early about upcoming events or specials that you are running.  Try to make the promotions give each fan the feel that they are special, not just a standard shopper.

Create a special landing page on your site that targets Facebook visitors.  Reinforce your promotions on the landing page and link your Facebook marketing to promote the landing page.  Be sure to put the social networking links on this page to encourage your fans to share this page.
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Wednesday, May 18 2011

Animated image transition effects
Go to the design area to setup animated transition effects for your image galleries, rotators, rotating banners and content slider components.

Austrailian ecommerce updates
This feature displays the shopping cart prices/total including tax. To enable the feature, go to the "customize fields/international" settings page and check the "Use Australian VAT tax display" box.

Product ID on product catalog page
Go to the general settings page to enable the product ID display. When this option is enabled, the product ID will be displayed to the right of the product name on your product display page. There are 2 settings, one for the product category and another to display the product ID on the detail pages.

Social networking link
When the Facebook link is enabled, the Facebook like button is now displayed along with your social networking links. To configure social networking links, view your website, click the settings button and then click the social networking link on the left side of the page.

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Thursday, May 05 2011
Creating lots of content on your site is important. One of the best ways to create content on your site is to use a blog (tip: you can add a blog page from the Add Page within your site).  

More Visitors
HubSpot ( conducted a study that showed that websites that have a blog kept up to date have 55% more website visitors than a website that didn't have a blog.  HubSpot also found that websites that target the B2B market get 67% more leads each month than a website that doesn't have a blog.

If you need more convincing that a blog is a good idea for your website, consider that a blog is a great way to generate inbound links to your website.  By writing a blog that is useful to others, you will get links from other bloggers that reference your blog on their blog.

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Thursday, April 28 2011

Product zoom images
Use the new product image upload user interface to upload zoom images of your products. When a zoom images is loaded the system will display a zoomed version of the image when a visitor hovers over the main product detail image. 

Bulk image import
Easily import your main product images as well as more product images. To learn more, go to the store import/export page and click the bulk image upload option.

Additional product images
It is now easier to load more product images using the new product image upload user interface.

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