Thursday, 05 May 2011
Creating lots of content on your site is important. One of the best ways to create content on your site is to use a blog (tip: you can add a blog page from the Add Page within your site).  

More Visitors
HubSpot (www.hubspot.com) conducted a study that showed that websites that have a blog kept up to date have 55% more website visitors than a website that didn't have a blog.  HubSpot also found that websites that target the B2B market get 67% more leads each month than a website that doesn't have a blog.

If you need more convincing that a blog is a good idea for your website, consider that a blog is a great way to generate inbound links to your website.  By writing a blog that is useful to others, you will get links from other bloggers that reference your blog on their blog.

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