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Saturday, September 26 2009

The new system update is now available.

Design system
  • Quicker design updates - design updates are displayed without the page needing to be reloaded
  • Overlay windows in place of popup windows for design element selection
  • Logo changes
    • Upload/select logo while editing a page
    • Logo builder is easier to use
    • Easy buttons for logo upload or select from library
    • Link added to access advanced logo settings
  • Backgrounds
    • Many new backgrounds added
    • Easily change/test site backgrounds
  • Groupboxes
    • Many new groupbox styles added
    • Easier to select and customize your groupbox styles
Overlay property windows
We are replacing many of the popup windows (browser window opens up in a new window) with quick overlay windows. The overlay windows open inside your current browser window.

Social networking
We have added several new components that interact with many of the social networking websites.

  • Twitter feed. The twitter feed component displays the contents of a twitter feed on your website. NOTE: If twitter experiences any downtime, the page containing this component will load much slower.
  • Share my site/social networking links. The share my site component adds links to many of the top social networking websites directly to any of your pages. These sites include twitter and facebook.
Landing page/tracking pages
Create landing pages to track referrals or links from other websites. Give the landing page a tracking code. When visitors go to the page the code is tracked in the visitors session. When the visitor places an order or submits a form on your site the tracking code is included.

Mailing list tracking
With the mailing list manager any links that you add to the email will automatically have a tracking code added to the link. This tracking code will allow you to track orders and form submissions that are received from visitors clicking on a link from your newsletter.

Form builder auto response emails
Setup an auto response email to be sent back to visitors when they fill out a form on your site.


  • Updated store home page
  • Support for editing coupons
  • Links from website to store/product management pages
  • Multi currency (get estimate of price in a different currency). Requires that you add currency selection to the store sidebar component.
  • Require consent checkbox during checkout. Add box with custom message that requires shoppers to check the box and agree before continuing with their checkout.
  • Option to verify email address (enter 2 times) during the checkout process
Store home page
  • Settings links are now divided into 2 sections (store setting and advanced settings)
  • Graphic buttons added to the top of the store pages for quick access to store manager features

Multiple gift certificates and coupons
Customers can now use multiple gift certificates when checking out through your website. The system will still only allow one coupon but allows gift certificates to be used with the one coupon.

Other/misc updates

  • Block IP address - go to the advanced settings page to setup IP adddress blocking
  • File manager support for back button to navigate file manager pages
  • 2 new link paragraph components
  • The tutorials page has been redesigned to make it easier to browse the available tutorials
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