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Tuesday, November 02 2010

New layouts and background styles have been added.

The blog has been updated to allow you to enter a blog summary. If you have long blog posts you can enable the blog summary to be displayed on the main blog page. To enable the summary feature click the blog settings tab.

Blog RSS feed enhancements
From the blog settings page you can enable the site blog feeds. This option will add this blog feed to your main website feed. The main website feeds are seen by visitors in the browser toolbar as a clickable RSS feed icon.

Updated mobile admin pages
The mobile admin page style has been updated. The ecommerce reports have been added to the mobile admin console.

RSS feed component
The RSS feed component will display a RSS news feed from another website on your pages. You can now set the number of feed entries to be displayed. Use the customize style option to customize the feed display.

Page editor
Updated text/image components. These components are now easier to edit and modify. Add captions and border colors to standard text component images.

Add social networking links to your quickbar. Setup links to your facebook and twitter pages as well as your site mailing list and RSS feed pages. The quickbar now has the option to add a Google translate drop down to your site. Visitors can switch the language they view your site in and Google will translate the site contents.

Social networking
Use the social networking links component to add graphic buttons that link to your Facebook and Twitter pages. A new 3d social networking icon set has been added.

Google menu
Access adwords, search engine submission and webmaster tools/site map verification.

Search - Advanced HTML
Set your preferred domain name for search engines. This option tells the search engines how to setup links to your website. You can choose the following forms... or

The site builder 2 store manager pages have been updated to include the product/order search field on every page. The shopping cart product detail links will now include the product name on the URL. This can help with search engine rankings and also makes it easier for visitors to identify product links.

  • Option add the product name to the URL for product detail pages
  • Google base export
  • New gateways (Payment Gateway, RealEx Payments)
  • Property on product to set product as not discountable (coupons/discounts - do not apply to product)
  • New ecommerce button style


  • Next/prev links have been added to the bottom of the file manager.
  • The disk space usage page now displays the amount of SiteBuilder Media™ space being used.
  • Drop down menu added to view tab to easily access the website and mobile website.
  • Set the preferred version of your domain name ( or for search engine indexing (Cannonical meta tag)
  • Added options for email based approval of message board posts
Account settings (site access)
From the my account page you can now manage your site availability. Click an option to set your entire website to under construction.
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