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Saturday, February 06 2010
Ecommerce - product images display
The product thumbnail display has been enhanced. You now have the option to display thumbnail images directly below the main produc image. Visitors can click a thumbnail to view the image without having to open a popup window. To enable this feature go to the shopping cart settings page.
  • Enhanced product thumbnail image display
  • New report : sales by state
  • New report : sales by country
  • New report : sales by profit/cost
  • MapIt - view customer location and shipping address on a map

Rotating banners

  • Setup rotating banners : load a sequence of images that automatically fade in and out for each of your page banners
  • Setup text/HTML overlay on each banner image. This feature lets you customize the text on top of the banner and setup links in your banner area
  • To configure rotating banners, go to the design area of the site builder. Click the header & images tab and then click the rotating images tab.
Image management
  • Updated resize/crop tools (works with FireFox)
  • New option to view/select images with image previews in the file manager
  • Center align the main menu (may require that you reslect your layout or reslect your menu style)
  • Menu customizations : new option to customize the text/background colors and style for the text based menus
Text and style customization
  • Product display : customize the fonts, colors and style for the product catalog display
  • Forms : customize the fonts, colors and style of forms on your website
  • Tabbed content box : customize the font size for the tabs
Tabbed accordion view
This new mode for the tabbed content box displays each of the tabs as a vertical list. You can click each of the section titles to open the accordion section.

Site builder preview - misc updates

  • Misc graphic updates and adjustments
  • Added drop down menu to page properties button
Misc update
  • Text editor 2.0 - new option to help edit text on dark and light backgrounds. The background preview link (located at the bottom of the text edit area) allows you to preview what your text will look like on dark and light backgrounds. This option does not change the background color.
  • Popup calendar for date selection (blogs and events calendar)
  • Misc system optimizations
  • Countdown timer component

Design system

  • New logos
  • Updated banners
  • Gradient maker (background images)
  • Layout properties - updated page for selecting page width
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